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In 2019 I was depressed and broke...


What about 2022?



I'm happier than I've ever been and love to turn the pool into my office...



And because I'm not forced to live in a cold country and freeze in the cold on the way to an office ("Thanks Affiliate Marketing!"), I enjoy my afternoons at the beach...


"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"



But enough about me. 


Let's talk about YOU.


Yes, YOU.


  • Are you ready to make a full-time income online as an affiliate marketer?
  • Do you want to have the freedom to work from wherever you want and whenever you want?
  • Do you want to make more money during 3 hours of work per day than most people earn while working a soul-crushing 9-5?

The truth will shock you:

"You don't even have to be good at affiliate marketing in order to make a full-time income online while working remotely from anywhere in the world"


You just have to be average. 


According to Glassdoor's affiliate marketing income statistics, the average annual earnings for affiliate marketers are $65,800:


I currently earn between $7,000-$11,000 per month with affiliate marketing per month.


Yep, that's the truth.


I'm not one of these self-proclaimed gurus who claim that they earn millions every month.


I make between $7,000-$11,000 per month which allows me to...

  • Live wherever I want.
  • Work whenever I want.
  • Use my time however I want.


This is just one of my four Clickbank accounts (I also use dozens of other affiliate marketing platforms):


And yes, there's enough money for you out there because affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry:


In fact, 81% of all brands in the entire world have affiliate programs that you can join.


There are enough customers, brands, and products for you to become a successful affiliate marketer.


And this brings me to the most important question of all...

"Why are you still not making enough money with affiliate marketing to live your dream life?"


As a certified coach and a dude who is making a full-time income with affiliate marketing both through brand building and paid traffic, I'm excited to answer this question for you.

These are just three of my bank accounts (All Affiliate Money):

Now I want to ask you a life-changing question:

"Are you ready to make money online, become a successful affiliate marketer and have the freedom to live wherever you want, work whenever you want, and do whatever you want?"

Then you are ready for The affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session!


In this 60-Minute Affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session...

  • I share my best affiliate marketing mindsets, techniques and strategies with you.
  • I review your affiliate marketing campaign, your ad copy or anything else you want my feedback on.
  • You ask me any question you might have about affiliate marketing, making money online and entrepreneurship.


Investing a small amount of money in yourself today can help you to finally break free from your 9-5 and to make enough money online to create and enjoy your dream life:


Regular Price:

€200 EUR

YOUR PRICE TODAY (Special Promotion for a Limited Time):

€150 EUR


That's the price for a 60-minute Affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session.


Now it's your choice if you say "yes!" to...

  • More time!
  • more money!
  • More freedom!

Booking Instructions:


1. Select your time zone in the drop-down menu and click on "set time zone"

2. Select your preferred day & time in the calendar and click on “continue”

3. Fill in your name and email address before you click on "Pay Now" to pay with credit/debit card or click on "Pay with PayPal" to pay with PayPal


As soon as you have booked your Hypnosis Session, you'll get access to my WhatsApp number and my Skype ID. In case you prefer to use another messenger/app, you can let me know.

Affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session Frequently Asked Questions


Can I let you know what exactly I want to achieve and/or work on before our Coaching Session?


I design every Coaching Session to YOUR individual needs. Once you have booked the session, you get access to my Skype ID and WhatsApp number. You can simply let me know what you are struggling with, what you want to achieve, and what I can help you with. I can have a look at your affiliate campaigns, your ad copy, and your brand-building efforts. In case you are a beginner and you have never run an affiliate marketing campaign or you haven't even looked at affiliate products yet, I can guide you to a place of expertise from scratch. 



What's the investment for an Affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session?


The investment for a 60-Minute Affiliate Marketing Expert Coaching Session is €200 (currently €150 for a limited time).



What if I have a question?


If you have any questions in regards to your Coaching Session, you can contact me at sebastian@


By booking a coaching session you are agreeing to the following: 

You understand that results presented by as well as the results presented in the testimonials are not typical and may vary from one person to another. The customers depicted in the testimonials have declared the information shared is true and accurate. does not guarantee any success and/or income whether explicit or implied and is not held accountable and is not liable for the consequences of your own actions and behaviors.